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February 2012

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john winchester

First Week of 2010

1 January 2010: New Year was great. I think I slept in. Haha. Way to start the year, yes? But it's because we had to go home from San Miguel, Bulacan at 1 o'clock in the morning. So when I reached my bed, I was asleep right away.

2 January 2010: Just stayed at home and bothered my nieces and nephews. Tried to "study" Facebook but didn't really bothered much because it's still confused me. I was more concerned about people backing out from our Subic trip the next day. But oh wells. I think I managed to pack late that night.

3 January 2010: The Subic trip! I got up around 6 am, I think because I can hear my parents talking about waking me up early so I wouldn't make Pris and Nicki wait. Ah well, I woke up by myself. I was out of their hair by 7 am. I won't go into details of what we did but I would like to thank Nicki's dad for letting us stay at their house and for the food and for the car and for everything. Hahaha. We really enjoyed the soju. Haha.

4 January 2010: Haha. Great day. I forgot that I wasn't able to eat anything from breakfast to dinner. Haha. Great day, indeed.

5 January 2010: I am still on leave because I sort of foreseen that we would be home late and tired. So yeah, I slept in and stayed at home feeling lazy. Haha.

6 January 2010: First day of work for 2010. In fairness, I was actually busy. And that's a good thing rather than staring into nothingness. Yeah, work is good once in a while. Haha.

7 January 2010: Well, you can probably guess that my "busy-ness" only lasted for one day. Haha. But 2010 is looking good for me. I think. Haha. Optimism never hurt me before. Hahaha.


I'm sorry. I am gonna rant.


I am not exactly the type of person who holds grudges but I'm kind of sensitive when it comes to what others say. Especially when I couldn't see them. I have that stupid habit of "assuming" they are mad or taunting or whatever and I tend to fend them off. Not good. Haha.

The point is, someone is doing it to me. Although I don't know if the person knows. The person probably doesn't. But I was really offended by what that person said. Hmm. We're all happy, right? So let's just get on with our lives; you're there and we'll just be here.

I don't know if I should tell that person but I don't see any point in doing so. It will just make me look bad. So yeah, let's just do whatever we want and be merry, alright?


My dear friends, when are we going to Hong Kong?! Hahahaha. I asked my mother last night and she said we must have at least Php 30k before we go there. That's a package, I think, inclusive of plane ticket and hotel and Disneyland, perhaps?

She suggested that we go before the peak season which starts by September. Hahaha. So when are we going?? When can we have that Php 30k?! Hahaha.


I didn't know that Bobby from Jack and Bobby is the kid in Percy Jackson and the lightning thief or something. That was totally random.

He grew up well. Haha.