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February 2012

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bad fan girl

FB is weird

No prologue necessary: I'm bored.

So I did what all bored people do: Facebook.

Yesterday, I got a friend request from a high school friend. I was surprised when I really shouldn't be; everyone is on Facebook, I get it. I added said friend anyway. Haha.

Like I said, today, I was bored. So I browsed this HS friend's wall. I don't know what or who I was looking for, really, but then I saw this recent activity: friends with one of my HS barkada. So I clicked her name and searched her F-list. And man, they were all there! From old teachers to old classmates and old acquaintances, they were her friends. And I added a few, just those who I wouldn't have to think about hiding from in case we bump into each other. But I recognized a lot.


Okay, so I'm weird. I don't know but I really am not comfortable with meeting people from my past (even I didn't exactly do anything bad before) unless they are very close friends. And yes, I feel like hiding from them when I hear they are coming.

One instance, one close friend fro grade school had a thanksgiving party at their place so I went. I forgot that she was this Ms. Congeniality back in the days and that she most likely invited some of our batch mates to her party. Facepalm moment.

First of all, I don't do well with crowds. Secondly, I don't do well with crowds when I'm alone. Lastly, I don't do well with crowds when I'm alone and the crowd consists of the host's new friends and our old acquaintances.

I wanted to melt.


On occasions, I am a very talkative and very lively person. Sometimes I get annoyed at myself because it looks like I'm drunk when I really haven't taken anything.

And sometimes, I tend to be a very shy and very timid person. (Thank you, dear friends, I can hear your protests from here!) Usually, this happens when I'm around family relatives that I get to see once a year at most and/or acquaintances that I thought got dropped in a wormhole somewhere.

I am not a very sociable person, thankyouverymuch.


Is this classified as a disorder? Hmmm. Perhaps it's some sort of split personality, yes? I shift personalities when I'm around friends?



Diagnosis hahahahaha

It's called introversion.

Re: Diagnosis hahahahaha

and it's a type of split personality disorder? or a different disorder altogether?